A crack in the vestibules usually remedied this problem. Slightly narrower near foot, and a little less vestibule space. Have a question about three-season? We did the section in six days and each day had us going over passes. A great low cost tent. When I made it to my site, a good deal of water had pooled in the triangle at the tent’s top.

One note that’s more “your problem” than the tents is in finding that just right spot, be it totally level or with a slight angle. Handy gear loft and its hooks. Recently went on a 4-day trip to Letchworth State Park, and as I was hiking it began to rain serious thunderstorms , and I was hours from my campsite. The fly covers the tent very well. Charlie Moreno 3 reviewer rep. It’s well made, especially for the price. As far as condensation goes, I have had a few instances of condensation, but nothing where I was soaked or it was dripping. Have a question about three-season?

Zephyr 2-Person

All in all, for the price and the weight, this is a fine tent, ready to take you through the night for many nights, until you decide that you want to spend a lot more money. Annoying but absolutely preventable. Fairly lightweight… August 20, Josh C 88 reviewer rep Rating: Even in downpours, revuew tent has remained dry on the inside. I owned a Zephyr 1 and was quite pleased with it,… June 14, Garrison 51 reviewer rep Rating: The Zephyr model is ideal for those hot, muggy nights when you want to feel a mokntaineering in your tent.

It sounds like you’ve had the opportunity to take it to many interesting places.

Welcome to Trailspace, Michael! Welcome to Trailspace, Bradley! Going on my third year with this tent and it has performed better than expected. To the tent’s merit, the ground it was on was waterlogged.

The tent is fairly easy to set up once you’ve practiced at least once. It fits myself, my girlfriend and my 70 lb dog no problem. Our newer models just have a single plastic window on the back wall. I can set the Zephyr up in well under five if not three minutes, if need be.


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I am careless with leaving it up in the sun and the fabric has still held up fairly well. I am one of those who doesn’t mind hacking my gear a bit, so having had to seam seal it, or created a better vestibule doesn’t bother me as much. Although I have never shared this tent with another person depending on the amount of gear between both people, it may be a bit crampedI can say that it is quite livable even for a person at 6’1″.

Reviews For the price, this tent is excellent. I spent months looking for a backpacking tent that… August 17, XterroBrando 1, reviewer rep Rating: I like that a lot. Pros Price Packed size. Firstly, the seam between the zip of the vestibule and the fly was not tapped. This is a… June 26, Matt G.

Both my sealed seams as well as the factory sealed persom resisted very heavy rains eight nights of more than six hours of heavy rains. However, I’m 6’2″ and wouldn’t want to spend a night in the Zephyr 2 with another adult unless I’m married to her, as things would be pretty weason with two grown ups. I bought with the deal flyer discount from Sierra Trading Post.

Have used it numerous times over the years including in rain.

So, believe those critical swason and just get a tube of seam grip which costs 5 dollars at wallyworld and you would only have to seal those two curved seams since all other seams are quite well sealed The tent pitches tautly and is stable in the wind. Cons Tight squeeze for 2 large adults.


Secondly, there is a ventilation mesh on flysheet in the front of the tent. Used it for the first time beach camping on Fire Island. I also kountaineering the footprint, great addition to the tent. For cold weather the tent has worked, but in conjunction with a bag rated much lower than the temps I’ve been at. March 10, Nicetoy 3 reviewer rep Rating: Cons Heavier than some Bulky Cheap stakes come with the tent. November 16, updated Jun 16, I have used this tent a mouhtaineering times so far, and have had nothing but good experiences.

No crawling over each other to go to mountalneering bathroom in the middle of the night. Whereabouts is your picture taken?

The waterproof rating of the fly was not very high in the first rebiew, so it’s very important to keep the fly off the tent body. When I made it to my site, a good deal of water had pooled in the triangle at the tent’s top. It’s still in perfect shape.

Zephyr 2-Person / ALPS Mountaineering

I like my head to be on the uphill end and a few times, with bad judgement, I would end up setting up the high end of the tent at the wrong end, so that my head would be down at revifw narrow end. Got a great deal at Steepandcheap. Two long poles crisscross over the middle and a small tennt helps spread the roof. Some reviews do warn about it, but I just thought they were fake reviews or people with bad luck who received those few factory mishaps.