Retrieved October 15, After the match, Yukihide challenges Ouga, but Ouga chooses to escape. Behind Kakeru, Natsumi discovered Dracyan can speak. In Miracle Shot, Natsumi said it must just be her imagination. After 30 seconds, Ouga realized he could not complete the game and stopped attacking, then he was ejected. Episode list [ edit ] No. The Future of B-Daman” Transcription: B-Crystal started to pulsate.

Archived copy as title Articles containing Japanese-language text. Dravise said the strength of Kakeru’s spirit, which needs to know the secret of the B-Crystal, gave him that power. She shows her B-Daman to Riki and explains how it works. First place is points, second place is 50 points, third place is 30 points, fourth place is 20 points and fifth place is 10 points. The Future of B-Daman” Transcription: After creating a hole in the field gate, Rury Takakura grants Riki Ryugasaki his gear, officially making him a Crossfire player. Kaito, Yukihide, Shumon, Gouichirou threw Kakeru into the air.

Riki is also glad and plans on doing an amazing job with Akira.

Kakeru and Subaru each fired 1 shot, but missed Cdossfire. WBMA building started to glow upwards, then the roof cracked and shattered.

Kakeru said he had frog in his throat, then he left shop. Dracyan said B-Crystal is responding to the battle. Premiering on October 2, in Japan, it became the first B-Daman anime to air in almost five years, following the finale of Episodd B-Daman on December 25, Emergency announcer said the security guard were defeated by an unknown boy, and the unknown boy’s B-Daman took out the security system.

Basara fired 2 marbles at B-Crystal. Dracyan said they should do their best so they have no regrets. Kakeru told Dracyan to use a new move. Subaru said only Kakeru is raman to face the B-Crystal. An emergency announcement said an intruder is in the secret underground area, and B-Crystal was under attack.


The girl who entered before confronts Riki and assures him they will not hurt him and introduces herself as Rury Takakura. Kakeru enters a park with B-Daman courses designed by Ouga.

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The B-Crystal emerged from the ceiling and shoot a beam upwards, with streams of light cub from B-Crystal to its surroundings. She inserts a B-Dama in the back of the figure’s head and pushes the included Trigger to fire it.

Naruchikara’s Miraculous Call” Transcription: Elsewhere, B-Damans started to glow. The red block knocked toward Subaru’s side. After Kakeru’s super shot hit rebound and hit the red bomb the 3rd time, the red bomb stayed in place.

Akira said the B-Daman just spoke. Kakeru remembered Saneatsu had mentioned the winner’s reward. He is glad Riki is here despite his former part-time employee suddenly leaving. As a result, Sumi senses something odd going on.

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Saneatsu asked what happened and the security system. Dravise said they had only paid attention to Kakeru and Dracyan, but Kakeru saw also looked at what was beyond end of the fight. Who Is That Guy? After both players fired super shots, Yukihide lost the match. Giving each B-Shot their Crossfire gear, the goal is to accumulate the most points in this point-base event.

After Kakeru’s shot hit the red bomb the 4th time, Subaru’s rapid fire began to nudge the red bomb towards Kakeru’s side. Retrieved October 15, Akira notices Riki does whatever Sumi tells him to and likes it. Sumi offers he go with her to Miracle Shoot as she wants new B-Daman parts but Riki declines and leaves.


This section may be too long and excessively detailed. His teacher, however, is not fond and takes away Riki’s book as he is not paying attention in class. Dracyan said he was thinking about the match, and had forgotten where it was. In a meeting at a street corner outside shop, Kakeru said Dracyan was uncharacteristically speaking in front of Natsumi and Saiga.

After 50 seconds, Kakeru and Subaru tried to win the game using super shots. Kaito, Yukihide, Shumon, Gouichirou ran towards Kakeru.

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In Kakeru’s turn, he was unable to fire spin shot to hit pins hiding behind obstacles, so he moved around Dracyan dug compensate.

Subaru and Kakeru ran off. Rury warns Riki that Crossfire is a “secret tournament” and those who tell other people have their ID revoked which he understands.

Meanwhile, Subaru and Reiji became the West Block team members. Media Episodde Database in Japanese. Kaito and Kakeru both finished 3 games and try to push the remaining button, but Kakeru narrowly pushed the last button earlier and entered the second round. In Miracle Shot, Natsumi said it must just be her imagination.

Kakeru aimed at the gyro-balancer.