I headed straight over to the health section of Target and purchased a pregnancy test. I’m glad I decided to go about it this way, as the amazing people in my life were not only great friends, but also a huge support as I went through this amazing process. Posted by Laura Bandida Blog at 8: Posted by Laura Bandida Blog at Posted by Laura Bandida Blog at 7: Lucky me, he wasn’t in the middle of some dangerous project at work. We did planks, ab work and wall sits with baby. I even met a few moms who invited me to lunch and a walk.

I found my peace and truly enjoyed the class. I am currently on maternity leave and enjoying every bit of time I have with her. It makes me wonder, did nursing school help me break down a wall and let me know that it’s okay to share your emotions with patients or others, or was it just the fact that I survived nursing school and was so relieved that I just couldn’t hold back the emotions. It is dusty and it forces me to take a little distance. In such situations, it is often recommended not to show up any resistance and not to try anything. On the road to Central America End of Mexico is slowly coming. Nouvelles images Retrouvez toutes nos photos brutes sur Flickr et les diaporamas sur la page Photos.

Oh well, better late than never. I’m still in a bit of transition at the moment going from school to work life, but I’m hoping I have a little more free time to get on here. I headed straight over to the health section of Target and purchased a pregnancy test. It has been an amazing journey of self-discovery and discipline to get to this point. Bitburgh Germany is the little town I was born fuull. I was in my thoughts when I see a guy going straight to me, the gun I think pointed in my direction.

No sign of man, but three German shepherds keep the house and start barking at us. He wants to hide away and get help. I did recently attempt to run up a hill and it felt like my body was just going to collapse on itself. We were excited and scared all fukl the same time.


Right now I am still working on just balancing my life as a new mom, but ultimately I would like to start running again. As usual, I’ve been super busy with school and everything involved with it. So instead of writing a long post to catch you up with what is going on in our lives.

After we settled down, we decided to take our dog Shed for a walk around the neighborhood. We arrive at San pedro La Laguna around 6pm, a paved road like our bike love and we get the first white guy movid cross to ask him where to find a wifi. It truly brightened my day.

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Posted by Laura Bandida Blog at 9: Posted by Laura Bandida Blog at 7: We don’t usually watch a lot of TV, but we were able to catch a re-run episode of The Simpsons last night where they did a small tribute Studio Ghibli films.

I can’t wait till the next class, but until then I will utilize the moves I learned in class at home. I fell in love with Spirited Away and Ponyo just warms my heart. Thursday, January 22, Namaste, Baby. Tomorrow we will cross the El Salvador border, also known to be dangerous. I’m just embracing my new life as a multi-tasking mom. I swear that baby was communicating what my burning thighs were feeling.

I was amazed to see all these calm babies just lying there while their moms relaxed in child’s pose.


He explains that there may be bandits on the road. On the road to Central America End of Mexico is slowly coming. During one of the wall sits one of the babies started to cry. When I look back, the whole roller coaster ride that was nursing school was worth it. Retrouvez toutes nos photos sur. I remember being so emotional on the day of my pinning ceremony graduation.

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I found my peace and bandiddas enjoyed the class. I even overheard a classmate say, “Laura is going to cry, watch. I think I may still have a bit of the relaxin hormone hanging about. I’ve really missed coming on here and writing updates.


It turns out I went into protective mommy mode. There are about twenty yards between him and me. Everything happens in a second.

I also began to neglect this blog. When I first found out I was pregnant it was after a long stroll at the new Target close to our house. We reach Antigua the next day and decide to stay there for the night.

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Posted by Laura Bandida Blog at Goodbye school, cull small family, the bandits of the mountains. Just like countless of others out there, I’m a huge fan of their work. Sure, I cursed the grueling schedule and almost every single exam, but with the help of some great nursing school friends and my amazing supportive husband, I survived. I hear a bang. It happens sometimes without movif real explanation, and we do not pay attention.

When I went home I decided to take the test right away. Lucky me, he wasn’t in the middle of some dangerous project at work.

I was excited and thrilled, but only felt comfortable with telling close friends banddas family with what vandidas going on with me. Hello everyone, I know it’s been a long while since I’ve updated the blog. Everything happened so quickly that only our legs responded present at the time, which for once was beneficial.

Posted by Laura Bandida Blog at 1: I handed him the beer and went to grab a glass of water. If we had not biked only about ten miles, we would spend the night here.