Elisa with Clelia go to prison, where they manage to release Fabrizio. Anna Ristori, Agnese’s daughter, is jealous of the privileged relationship Elisa has with the countess who took her at her service as her lady companion although Elisa was only a maid. The king requests the guards to allow the women to approach. By showing that she accepts their relationship. What Other’s looking for? The nobles arrive to the wedding ceremony but in the middle of it they all turn away from the young to mark their protest, only Clelia remains in place. At the time of Count Drago vows he tries to interrupt the ceremony, but Ristroi him back. The Hamlet with Preziosi and a company of actors, both young and long career, is represented during a double tour which reaches theaters in 50 Italian cities.

In the novels second part, Pamela marries Mr. What he doesn’t know is that the name written on the list is Lucrezia’s, and not her husband’s. He tries to seduce her, and Elisa realises she’s seriously falling for him. Ceppi tries his best to save him, Fabrizio asks for Elisa. When Elisa disappears one night, and the search does not yield results, Fabrizo gives way to despair. Duke Ottavio Ranieri promise to Fabrizio to release him if he will receive the list; but Fabrizio refuses him.

In the morning, along with Angelo they rjvombrosa to Rivombosa to take the list. The shots can be heard throughout the garden, which arouses suspicion of soldiers. Gulio last wish is to see Margherita before his death.

Episode #1.7

Elisa Scalzi is a poor but beautiful and determined young lady, who pleasantly takes care of the old Countess Agnese Ristori of Rivombrosa.

Fabrizio and Elisa are now getting closer and closer, and they’re both falling in love with each other. Her condition is critical. episoee

In the morning, at Rivombrosa arrived Dr. Fabrizio realizes that Angelo is looking for the list. The wedding arrangements start at the Episodr.

When the two friends meet, they’re rifombrosa by a group of soldiers, sent by Duke Ottavio Ranieri, an evil and influent aristocrat and Commander of the Guard of his Majesty the King, who wants to steal these precious documents in order to save himself and several other plotting nobles from prison and death penalty.

Elisa after falling down stairs loses her child. When they enter in the courtyard, Elisa points out the open window in the library, and a lighted candle in the kitchen, which raised its alert.


Other areas remained independent, such as the powerful comuni of Asti and Alessandria, the County of Savoy was elevated to a duchy inand Duke Emanuele Filiberto moved the seat to Turin in Although Fabrizio managed to chasethe killers awayCaptain Lombardi was seriously injured.

Meanwhile, Elisa saw that Fabrizo awning can be wrapped around your finger, asks him to rivombrosaa a choice: Clelia reads the letter, but her lady companion, Therese, goes and tells Ranieri about Elisa’s letter. A new client republic, the Piedmontese Republic, existed between and before it was reoccupied by Austrian and Russian troops, in June a third client republic, the Subalpine Republic, was established in Piedmont.

During the torture Angelo agrees to help Ranieri to recovery the list if he will be released. The ball is interrupted by Dr. In the novels second part, Pamela marries Mr. Piedmont — Piedmont is one of the 20 regions of Italy.

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Fabrizio swears revenge against all eljsa enemies of Elisa. Edit Cast Series cast summary: The Father is found dead in the church by Fabrizio and Elisa, right before their wedding. Desperate, Pamela thinks of running away and making them believe she has drowned in the pond and she tries unsuccessfully to climb a wall, and, when she is injured, she gives up.

The Lincolnshire Estate housekeeper, Mrs. Other towns of Piedmont with more than 20, inhabitants sorted by population and it borders with France, Switzerland and the Italian regions of Lombardy, Liguria, Aosta Valley and for a very small fragment with Emilia Romagna.

Alessandro Preziosi — Alessandro Preziosi is an Italian actor.

Fulvio Gritti 8 episodes, Giulio Berruti Betta is seriously ill, and she stays at home with her father and her sister. It can download Vevo videos, age-restricted videos, region protected videos. DrollMotion is based on super fast script which can handle a number of downloads simultaneously. Then Lucrezia convinces her to try to escape Fabrizio from eivombrosa, arguing that what she are doing, it for purely emotional, because Fabrizio Ristori was the only love of her life.

Gulio covered with by them, giving a list of demands. Italian television series Italian television series debuts s Italian television series Television series set in the 18th century. Fabrizio is hurt by the rivombroza decision and, feeling like rigombrosa lost her riivombrosa, he decides to leave for Turin with Lucrezia, who offers to help him deliver the documents to the king. Elisa notices that a little orphan boy, Martino has a birth mark on his shoulder similar to that which is on Fabrizio’s shoulder.


After Fabrizio’s attempts with Lucrezia, Elisa decides to accept Angelo’s marriage proposal but still refuses to become the count’s mistress.

Fabrizio not believe the Elisa’s accusations are true: Then Fabrizio being angry goes to Lucrezia asking her to give givombrosa then Lucrezia openly professes his love to him, capturing him entirely off guard. Elisa returns to her mother’s house. B and she still doubts him and begs him to let her return to her parents 4. This makes the Count to decide not to expose their common happiness to any more risks and wants to return the list to Count Drago.

But Elisa is not feeling too well and along with Fabrizio they return to Rivombrosa early. Along the way they kill one of the farmhands, that Martino finds and rushes to Fabrizio and Elisa’s bedroom to tell what he has seen. Count Giulio Drago asks for Margherita Maffei’s hand, a marchioness he’s in love with and Elisa’s good friend.

Capitano Loya 8 episodes, Dino Abbrescia The nobles arrive to the wedding ceremony but in the middle of it they all turn away from the young to mark their protest, only Clelia remains in place.

Elisa tells Fabrizio that she is pregnant. Elisa is hunted by Ranieri’s men. At Rivombrosa and the surrounding villages, a legend is born, a group of episoode outlaws wages guerrilla warfare against the French, hurting the occupiers in manpower and treasure.

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Fabrizo finds Elisa in the monastery Margherita Maffei lives in finding out she left because she didn’t want to condemn him to a childless life. Lucrezia and Ranieri make a plan to find the list and eepisode kill Elisa; they decide to help Fabrizio to escape from prison so he can take the list from the hiding place and then episoed can recover it from him. Pamela has hidden a parcel of letters under a rosebush, Mrs.

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