Mon, Jul 25 Read-Modify-Write patterns also tend to not be atomic operations and introduce vulnerabilities to data integrity if coupled with power loss. I came across this when I bought a external 2TB drive that came with default 4K cluster size. Speed and Allocation Unit Size. The way I set it up is that I leave the OS drive at the default size. To further simplify, let’s say that each file you load on there was sized just so that 4KB clusters would result in completely optimized filling of the HDD and yet the files would always waste the left over 60KB of space in a 64KB cluster this wouldn’t happen as most of the time a file would leave even some of the 4KB cluster wasted and it would also fill more of the 64KB cluster too. In terms of space efficiency, smaller allocation unit sizes perform better.

The ‘app’ devs make theirs 4k, or at least in this case of the portable apps, which is meant for a portable device like a micro sd card. Reply Contact Actually because video files are larger you should use larger allocation units. The huge cluster size can actually penalize performance. We use a lot of external drives for media work and storage. Photographers are not normally expected to have expertise beyond that of an ordinary user, with respect to hard drive formats. Avid Media Composer

The best solution is to get one of the free drive testing software apps and test the setup with a number of different allocation unit sizes.

The video gamer must prioritize speed over space. Video movids files frequently become fragmented so having the larger cluster size means your fragments will be larger, or have the potential to be larger, and you will have less numbers of fragments, potentially.



Instead think about how moives OS uses space. Read-Modify-Write patterns also tend to not be atomic operations and introduce vulnerabilities to data integrity if coupled with power loss. In virtually ANY other situation one would use a smaller size, likely 4k. I can’t find this setting in disc managment.

Default cluster size for NTFS, FAT, and exFAT

The difference is about 2: Submit an awesome link! Labporn Diagrams Tutorials Fr. I’m not employed by Avid or work for them. Reply Contact You should have options for something along the lines of k, k, k, and even sometimes k For question 1, doing a Google search gives you some answers, but also leaves you with a lot of head scratching.

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The best selection for AUS unti a balance of the typical file sizes you work with. I edit my photos with Adobe Lightroom. Log in or sign up in seconds. A memory card developer once told me that there is no reason to defrag an sdcard or a SSD because the underlying hardware doesn’t care where or how fragmented the files are on the chip.

Reformat the external drive partition to use 2K cluster fixed it.

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It does for me. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. If the drive is routinely defragmented there will be no benefit to having a larger cluster size.


I noticed during formatting ecfat there were options for an even higher cluster size, up to 2MB. Finding the page size is tricky because you need to know the details of the SSD chips being used.

I’ve movirs happily running my setup this way for at least a decade. But again, nowadays hard drive capacity is getting higher and higher making small differences by choosing the right allocation size. Tell us what we can do to improve the article Submit. Your actual data will be separated to those units while saving to the disk.

So the maximum possible cluster size must be chosen. The media files don’t really need to be accessed fast, only as fast as they are used during playback.

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Does not contain a journal, so if you disconnect it during the recording accident the file sizs not be able to be repaired. There are no benefits going with larger cluster size. Speed and Allocation Unit Size. So, what is the conclusion here? Again, not relevant for SSD or sdcard, use ‘default’.

Would also like to know why it was voted down. Once defragmented a media file would likely never become fragmented again.