If two person are in love, regardless of the race, age, appearance, gender, nothing should obstruct them from being together. His “partner” is a shape-shifting chameleon named Leon, who usually sits on Reborn’s fedora. Her animal is a squirrel. Head of the combat forces for the Calcassa Family, Skull wears a full leather outfit and a motorcycle helmet, which is copied by all his subordinates. He is in charge of the training ground behind Mafia Land and was a former member of the COMSUBIN, thus he is an expert when it come to using heavy artillery, using an anti-tank rifle as his primary weapon. Tsuna hoped it better not be.

If you need any help, do feel free to ask me. Like the previous time too… Every single time, you knew what is going to happen, yet you just went along with it, taking everything all by yourself. Or at least the adult version of Lal. I’m sure you have been putting a lot on yourself, so don’t-” “Did you feel the same way when Colonello died? But it seems it is not like that because Yamamoto still lives in his normal life. No wonder Byakuran-sama was so obsessed with him. You are becoming bolder and bolder with your relationships, no?

His animal is a monkey, most likely a Bald Uakari. He did have the urge to pour a cup of water onto Spanner’s head to clear his mind, though.

I did blame the future you… him… Felt some resentment and anger, and he probably does owe me an apology, but…” Tsuna’s eyes turned distant and a bitter smile appeared on his face. His trial is leadership.

His trial is adaptability. In the series, they are called the seven strongest babies. Revive him… and…” Tsuna smiled.

It is said in the story that Reborn already told Yamamoto Takeshi some matters about Arcobaleno but it is still unclear if that matter is about the curse of the Arcobaleno. Anime Relations Katekyo Hitman Reborn! She appeared to have had a close relationship with Gamma. Tsuna rubbed his neck sheepishly. He originates from China, and is also an experienced martial artist. He is voiced by Rumi Shishido in the anime. Tsuna looked up again and gave a halfhearted smile.


If you need any help, do feel free to ask me.

I know other people who can cook better, why not I introduce you to them one day? It fires a Sun attribute beam out of Leon in his pistol form.

But am I the one you should be telling this to? All the other Arcobaleno had already perished, so what’s the point of me continue living when the world doesn’t have the rest of the Arcobaleno to maintain its currse

Your review has been posted. Nothing could have prevented any of that from happening. True to Tsuna’s thoughts, the next sentence that came out of Spanner’s mouth was definitely unexpected and out of the blue. The smile sent a chill down Tsuna’s spine, like Reborn was staring at his target before shooting him.

Tsuna took a breath and carried on. The chain is known as the Mammon chain, but is replaced, at least by the Vongolas, by the cap that conceals the rings powers arcobalno same way as the chains.

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The beam can split up into several other beams as Reborn wants them too, and can hit multiple enemies or hit the same enemy from different directions. I believe you can get your happy ending. Story Story Writer Forum Community. The present and future is more important.


And the last line, I find it really true too, I do believe that Death hurts the living the most, since none of us actually knows what the afterlife is like.

When skull uses this ability he becomes very muscular and impervious to pain or damage. His special attack is called Exploding Lotus Kempo which allows him to blast a chinese dragon made of Storm Flames at his opponent.

Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Meeting you was the happiest thing in my life, so I have no regrets. She is shown to be pregnant in the 6.

The Arcobaleno were transformed from adults into their infant and current forms; in Lal’s flashback of the day it is revealed that they were all turned into babies and all seven of the Arcobaleno are shown at least once in their adult forms Colonnello is not part eposode the original seven.

We’ll have to send you back right? But it seems it is not like that because Yamamoto still lives in his normal life. If I don’t, I just hope you can have my happy ending for me, alright?

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I’m so sorry no offence to anyone I just can’t help it. Verde Verde is the holder of the Green Pacifier. In some episodes, it is revealed that they are already an adult epiwode because of the process to gain the name Arcobaleno, the had the form of baby.