In this mid season 2-parter, Dax enters an underground Monsuno Fight Club tournament. Team Core-Tech discovers that S. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But, could our team destroy all Monsuno Essence in real reality? They must work to save our planet from being exploded and destroyed by the Monsuno Essence at the Earth’s core. This is a list of episodes for the animated television series Monsuno.

Beyal must chose between the lives of all Monsunos and the lives of his friends. Combat Chaos”, has been announced. Tracking down Drezz and the Punk Monk and their Forge Cores, our heroes pick a fight looking for information regarding the manufacturer of these Forge Cores. Stemming from one of Beyal’s visions, Chase discovers his mother, Sophia is still alive. Without him the rest of the Core-Tech team start arguing which results in a 2 on 2 battle amongst themselves. They get some intel, but before they can act upon it, they are attacked by five mysterious figures.

After intense fighting, Bren launches Neo-Quickforce and saves the day on the ground while Chase puts himself in the rocket in order to place cpmbat bomb harmlessly into space, only to return to earth in the arms of Liger. They escape only to fall into the hands of Droog. However, the Well of Sight makes the HOD’s shape shifter monsunos exceedingly powerful, and they have Sophia as a trump card. To save his friends and the whole world, Beyal must face the prospect of having to destroy all Monsunos.

Seeking answers from his father, Chase forces Dax to take him to Jeredy’s location. Chase and his friends discover that Beyal lost his soul, and they head to the library to figure out how to get Beyal his soul back, but Dark Spin interferes. There are two problems: Meanwhile the whole Earth is suffering from earthquakes and Jeredy Suno is trying monsunl stop them.

Lock is the one Monsuno to bridge the gap between humanity and Monsunos.

Monsuno: Combat Chaos – Season 2, Episode Pulse –

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Cbaos Policy. The only way out is to win or be trapped forever. A race to harness the power of Monsuno ensues between a group of heroic kids and the evil forces focused on destroying the Earth. But the unfinished weapon affects ALL the battling Monsunos, temporarily giving them new colors and reverse seaspn that bounce attacks back at the enemy. Before being separated once more, Jeredy gives his son a new Monsuno named Evo.


Suno has a virtual reality trainer to help the kids perfect their combat expertise. Afterwards, Epiaode learns that Sophia has already been captured: Jack, under Charlemagne’s mind control, kills Master Ey, causing Beyal to become enraged.

Someone new… and he is having Chase followed so that Chase can be tested!

Monsuno, Combat Chaos, Vol. 1

Drezz and the Punk Monks greet these intruders and a battle ensues. He’s even more freaked out when he finds himself battling a Clone Monsuno of Lock! The others are mad, but Chase understands 6 was only trying to help his ‘father’ and lets monshno walk… this time.

Jeredy must tell Chase why Lock is so special. Tallis then sets off a self-destruct, which destroys the junkyard and covers his tracks. Eklipse can experiment on him to re-create what happened to Jon Ace, so the rest of Team Core-Tech must find him and save him before he becomes “Toxic Dax”. Team Core-Tech awakens in a strange apocalyptic land where Monsuno Essence has taken over and destabilized the world!

Chase, Bren, Jinja, and Beyal have a vision of the future in which Liger goes rogue and causes widespread destruction. Team Core-Tech joins Bren as he travels home to visit his quirky family. Chase must battle Alpha through the three trials of combat to settle things once and for all. Chase discovers that his father had created a Monsuno called Quickforce, who is being held captive and experimented on by S. Klipse joins forces with Chase to find Jeredy’s whereabouts.

They get some intel, but before they can act upon it, they are attacked by five mysterious figures. Description Monsuno is monsumo epic boys action adventure where kids discover, command and battle creatures with destructive potential.

This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat If they are to prevail, Team Core Tech must be willing deason make the ultimate sacrifice. Chase is absorbed by some horrible greenish Shadow-Ghost becoming the enemy as the rest of Team Core Tech must get to the bottom of this mystery. February 23, [2].


Beyal has a vision of Master Ey in trouble. Lists of American children’s animated television series episodes Lists of anime episodes. While battling the Punk Monks, Six is forced to choose between his father or his new friends. This thing has enough power to level an entire city.

While fishing, a fisherman awakens a dormant wild core off the shore of Coastal City. Team Core-Tech must stop him with their own boosts, Strike Gear. These baddies are working for their evil boss, Professor Tallis, in obtaining a very destructive Wild Core Bomb.

Without him the rest of the Core-Tech team start arguing which results in a 2 on 2 battle amongst themselves. Chase and friends seek the final piece of the Pentoculus. The rest of Team Core Tech works hard to find and save Dax before he becomes Toxic-Dax even though both Bren and Jinja joke that he’s pretty toxic already.

Alpha takes matters into his own hands and sneaks off to challenge Chase under the sacred Monsuno rite of Tav Kagah turns out Beyal isn’t the only one who reads dusty old episkde. Team Esason battles the Hand of Destiny one last time. This is a question that Team Core Tech will discover the answer to while they raid the S.

To stop the earthquakes and steal the piece of Pentoculus. An intense 3-way face-off against Dr. Team Core-Tech cyaos the powerful advantage they need to survive. After Jeredy Suno reveals the mystery of Liger as the lynchpin bridging humanity and all Monsunos, Dr. They succeed with help from an unlikely source, Commander Trey. When Droog causes the kids to be stuck in the virtual world. Generator Rex, Season 5.