I think it was. Kyoya is just so hott!! Thank you for the recap! I love nerdy bad boys with a personal agenda. He is exactly my type, I too like nerdy bad boys with an agenda, they are just to sexy!! Every heads back to school and Music Room 3. I knew I could count on you not to encroach. I also found myself squealing with delight throughout the episode!

Suddenly a girl shrieks as she encounters a bug amongst the shellfish. Thank you for the recap. D but he never loses his realist self cuz he is Kyouya: Tamaki initially refuses to participate until Kyoya flashes the reward prize — pictures of feminine Haruhi from her middle school years. Those too are really OTP. Kyoya is so hhhooottt!!! Tamaki hugging Haruhi in a thunderstorm, or Kyoya looming over Haruhi in bed to teach her a lesson in male-female disparity?

D LOL love him: Thanks Koala, for your great work. Kyoya actually was right behind Tamaki as the guys raced to help Haruhi. But Dramcrazy also wonder if anyone would bat a second eye at that anti-lady message in Japan in the first place. I was wondering where we can watch this show with english subtitles?

I knew I could count on you not to encroach. Koala already owns him…. I normally hate manhandling in dramas, but this coming from Kyoya left me speechless.

Tamaki and Haruhi shoot each other supremely disgruntled looks.

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Suddenly everyone is in on this competition. Poor Tamaki can only wail in anguish. I totally stand behind your futile battle for Siwon, you know right?

Which is when Haruhi walks in and gives him a dirty look. I think she accepted that she was highschokl, and would be more reasonable going forward. She explains her daddy changed her suitcase without her knowing and packed her girl clothes. It was just the way she had grown up — all alone and having to deal with things on her own and not having to higbschool on anyone.


In the end, the guys also misunderstood her too. His crazy antics pull her out of her calm and unflappable shell, letting her enjoy life more and stop being so stolid and earnest.

Ckub I love this recap!!

Skip to secondary content. Yeah Kyouya actually care for Tamaki more than it seems because Tamaki is more influential in his life than Haruhi: Even though I love Yusuke to pieces, gahh Kyoya!!!! What I love about this show, and so many shows with over the top characters, is that when this show is done well, the characters may be cartoons, but their feelings are genuine, and they are as capable of breaking your heart as any character on a good melo.

God, I love it when that man smiles. And when Haruhi was fished out, it was Kyoya shaking her in agitation, telling her to wake up.

And the one of anime final episode. Dfamacrazy way I saw it was that the boys all saw her as a friend and would likely immediately ask her for help.

Ouran High School Host Club Episode 5 Recap

Thank you for the recap! Of age, legal, a man, whatever. The local boys try to get away but Mori and the rest of the host club stop them. Kyoya is so hhhooottt!!! And then I was going to feel sad, and like a creeper.


I love nerdy bad boys with a personal agenda. They were even intimidated by a woman who had a two year college degree. His bromance with Tamaki is one of the best parts of Ouran. I never really liked any of the boys because all of them acts childish.

When the boys crowd her to offer her more delicious future dinner items, she yells at them to leave her be! The host club is alerted and Tamaki in particular takes off running.

Anyway, this ep tops all, and not just because of the tension and hotness but it feels like the groundwork is done and the story is finally getting life.

Ouran High School Host Club

If this drama were an angsty HanaDan, the love triangle will cut me into pieces. She sees a topless Kyoya standing next to his bed. I really love this drama, its episodes are short, sweet, hilarious and full of heart. Kyoya then asks Haruhi what they ought to do now?

I was flipping out like a mad person and now I have severe second-lead syndrome.

XD Thanks for the recap Koala!! Those too are really OTP.