They really need to do something about the live shooting system before someone gets seriously hurt. How this has been going on as long as it has amazes me. I totally agree with all of you! How long will you be able to stay here? I was also thinking that the only way to get a truly happy ending is for Yi Gak and Tae Yong to switch places, because even though Tae Yong was the one who was supposed to meet Pak Ha, their union was foiled by the evil Tae Mu, and Pak Ha wound up falling in love with Yi Gak instead. The Joseon Power Rangers.

But I do like seeing Yi Gak being smarter and sharper and figuring out the mystery behind Sena. Cara May 3, at When you read the article noted above, he went straight to the Baeksang Awards on the same day as the accident. Yeah, but he gave her plenty of opportunities to retract her lie and she didn’t. Maybe, Tae-yong can go back in time and spend his life drawing beautiful sceneries while Bu-yong stitches. That’s a good point! Kang Byul Supporting Cast.

There’s just something quietly captivating about him in this drama. Anyhow – I still like Yoochunnie better as a singer but I can’t resist watching his dramas. He tries to leave early, but they insist he stay to eat, and shove the soju bottle at Park-ha: I can’t stand manipulative ppl like that.

Rooftop Prince Episode 13

She then intercepts Chi-san and asks for a coffee break, and he complies with an anxious look at the clock. Reincarnation may mean the same soul, but it’s not the same individual person – maybe according the show’s rules their core personalities are the same, but that doesn’t make them identical to the people they were in their previous lives.


Thanks for the recap! Lots of forward movement today, with lies unraveling and Major Discoveries being made.

Rooftop Prince

I think we need to be prepared for disappointment. I figure he will meet his woman Park Ha soon. The real Tae-yong, in Chicago. It’s beginning to flower so I think something will happen when the plant is in bloom. I don’t really care about “the same soul thing”, I’d be sooo disappointed!

I don’t know how the writer will use this into the plot. She then sees Yi Gak asking Chi-san to deliver an envelope to Park-ha. Jun Min Seo Supporting Cast. Oh, and am I the only one who can’t stop thinking that, whenever TaeYong accuses others of lying like TaeMoo or SeNa he forgets that he is the one who is telling the biggest lie? While they wait with sweet drinks, he asks again if she has a sister, and why she never mentioned her before. She’s a liar and he’s a prince. I am certain that Sena will weasel her way out of this dilemma as the way that things end episofe always how they begin epdrzma an episode.

That gives him pause, and he thinks about it. Can’t wait for what’s coming next! I thought I had it down. I am buying both the bitch here and sweet-hearted fiancee in Promise. I really wasn’t digging it when he was so naive about Sena and his “lovely” crown princess.


Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Especially since he has been so convinced that he time travel for the sake of his wife. How is she going to get herself roofgop of this, join TS, of course She asks what he wants to eat, and he requests omurice, saying that he never gets sick of hers.

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Thanks for the recap. I cant believe how this episode zoomed by so fast. Corn tea May 2, at 8: Now I feel a bit bad for Taeyong.

He had to have been in a coma for a while She introduces herself brightly, belatedly realizing who that guest is only after he turns 1 face her and speaks. Schmazel May 2, at Mel May 3, at 5: And prunce she tries to whiz through the tour, he calls her back to demand details.

Yi Gak takes out the plane ticket and confirms her story—that their respective envelopes had gotten mixed up. However, I bet Sena will just end up saying something like “You were seeing another woman and I got jealous!

Guzal Tursunova Supporting Cast. Aw, everyone just wants to get rid of her. Also, didn’t YG pester PH repeatedly if she has a sister?