But Sae Hwa tells Carl that she has no intention of marrying him because of his mother. Episode 57 Episode Mal Sun is shocked after she knows Dong Bak died from heart attack. Episode 96 Episode Dojin is injured in his fight with Dong Hae and Sulnyeo tries to sabotage Dong Haes chances of staying at the hotel. Hyesuk notices something is wrong with Dojin and gets involved in their fight. Dojin is again injured in a fight with Dong Hae and while tending to Dojin, Dong Hae almost misses the first round of the cooking competition. Yujin increases her pursuit of Dong Hae by making a visit to his home and Mrs.

Episode 32 Episode There is a new clue to who James really is Sulnyeo said something about Saewa’s father-in-law, Dong Hae wonders how he is involved. Hyesuk notices something is wrong with Dojin and gets involved in their fight. Episode 60 Episode Episode 3 Episode 3. Episode 63 Episode Dong Hae and Anna try to go on with their lives but things just keep getting messy as Dojin now starts to put things together.

Smile, Dong-hae (웃어라 동해야) Korean – Drama – Episode 130

Mal Sun decides to hand over her all stock to Dong Bak. Piljae has a talk with Kim Jun about what he has done to Anna and Dong Hae and warns him its best to stay away.


Episode 7 Episode 7. Meanwhile, Hye Suk gets some information about Dong Bak from an adoption agency. He asks the employees not to speak at all about the project. Sul Nyeo realizes Donghhae Wa is pregnant after seeing the sonogram. Kim Jun and Anna finally meet but the shock causes Anna to faints.

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Mal Sun becomes first stockholder after Pil Yong sells his stock, and she wants Dong Hae to manage the company. Episode 50 Episode Episode 24 Episode Plus, Taehun and Saeyoung may get a divorce. Anna and Dong Hae are forced to return to the States when a problem with their visa’s is reported to the authorities. Episode 49 Episode Episode 90 Episode It breaks Pil Jae’s heart to see Anna’s house. Smipe Hae and Anna comes in Kang Jae’s house again.

Episode 6 Episode 6. Episode 28 Episode Episode 94 Episode Saewa decides smilee to go to the hospital and forces Dong Hae to face the truth about their relationship.

Dojin figures out the secret that his family has been tryingn to keep from him. But, Kim Jun knows that is not true.

Episode 42 Episode Episode 35 Episode Mal Sun is shocked after she knows Dong Bak died from heart attack. He gives the diamond agaiin wants her to leave Dong Hae. Episode 67 Episode Dong Hae believes resigning is the best thing for everyone involved but Dojin and Hyesuk feel otherwise.


Hyesuk finds out that Anna somehow knows Saewa.

Episode 53 Episode Episode 86 Episode Episode 29 Episode Episode 60 Episode Episode 14 Episode Do Jin realizes the found key in the car is for a safe in the bank and he tries to open it up. Meanwhile, Kim Jun tries to do best to find her. But, Dong Hae proposes her with ring. Episode 39 Episode Episode 18 Episode Dong Hae prepare to be soon on TV so he can find James.

Lee’s new Kimchi factory officially opens. Sulnyeo tells everyone she is in a relationship with Piljae. Caught in the act, Sae Wa leaves the company, which causes more zgain for her than she had anticipated.

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