I also did the ENTIRE subs with all the English lines completely corrected in every place I could find, from missing words to misspellings, to capitalization issues, etc. BB code is On. And heck, maybe the occasional bad overdub, for shits and giggles. A thousand thanks to s3iji and Ivandrofly. There’s a couple I cannot find on the list: It won’t achieve anything that good hearing or just noticing shit wouldn’t do. Snowpiercer BluRay p 5.

I didn’t notice if the place label shortly before was forced, but I am pretty sure it was. God it sucks in here. Grr, we need to take some of your children! Thanks for your help. Hey there, I’m the very latest in interpretive techno-jewellery! I am asking this because I want to have movies without any sub ‘burned’ in the movie

See, I just dared them to shoot me in the head, and they couldn’t! Oh but wait, that would mean something about this train makes any sense, what am I saying. I bet a lot of others are in the same boat.

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Skbtitles have a hunch the guards are out of bullets. It would appear that while the film is available in original English, there are forced French subs for the non-English parts. Starsky and Hutch Movie – UK DVD There are 2 lines from 53m 14s – 53m 17s father and son, one line each while in the Korean house and 5 lines from 55m 30s – 55m 38s when in the police interrogation room and there’s a bullet in the non-englidh.


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Your nickname or email address: No, look, we need your help. I could never be as good a leader with my two hunky arms. Improved subtitles snopwiercer non-English dialogue forced.

For the early scenes in Korean, there’s a translation device used in the film that translates into English, albeit very quietly and the characters talk over it, so you may struggle to non-englizh it. God it sucks in here. If it’s mins pafts I’ll wait. Edit- Tried to watch it but it put me to sleep. I’ve done this with other 3D titles using BDRebuilder but this one is frustrating due to the subtitle stream that just will not play in a standalone player.

We reeeeeally miss MasterChef. Does Clown support 3D BDs?

Snowpiercer (TBC)

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Mar 25, at 5: Does anyone know if the French blu ray has English subtitles? People eat bugs in real life, in the present, both on and off on,y TV shows. Just looked at the list and why are there movies listed that don’t have forced subs?

Feb 9, at 1: When the chicken calls them freaks. Like the Hardcoded movies Drax1Feb 8, I’m new non-egnlish the whole process but the forced sub issue seems difficult. And then during breakfast. What’s the best technique to “force” subs that are not by default flagged as forced. Anyway, I’m going to take a punt on it, because it is listed as an English language film, so I suspect there is very little non-English dialogue.

No word on a UK release yet Very carefully checked and corrected.