Hahaha, I didn’t even notice my own pun. Park Jin Young Supporting Cast. Never liked him to be honest, so that is my theory. I think jin gook will end up as K By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe I remember a choir audition during which I was asked to identify chords and the pitch of individual notes in arpeggios, and although I’d sung and played piano for over a decade, I gave up. My Chinese friend was trying to get me to say “your mother is [something],” I don’t remember.

Baek-hee feels bad for him as well, but she keeps herself out of view. I wasn’t sure I could take another Moony moment ; Thank you again for the recap. Jason is looking like a bird more and more I mean he wasn’t motivated to teach seriously befor BYJ had faith in him. Sam Dong was pretty smart in not letting them touch the piano, because Pil Sook could just adjust the key to whatever he started in. Dream High 2 Episode 2. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.

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The piano will start them off. In your heart can’t it be me”. I’d like her to move towards becoming a legit talent but not happen to be one overnight.

I really like eg misfits friendship. Off to read hope nobody sees me, i’m at work haha. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below!

Any website with Dream High Episode 7 eng sub out yet?

As the show progress, I am really falling in love with Jason and pil sook! Severine February 16, at 9: You can’t keep your eyes off him, and you feel exactly what he does. Notify me of new comments via email.


So the question is: Poor Baekhee, she really had no idea the kind of Pandora’s Box she opened when she decided to steal that song. Adobe Shb Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Guzzyladdy Youtube Uploader Credit: Otherwise I’d be lost completely. Bae Yong Joon Supporting Cast. Han Ji Hoo Supporting Cast. Community hasn’t filled out any information yet. OMG I hadn’t thought of that!

Fuck Yeah Dream High!

I remember a choir audition during which I was asked to identify chords and the pitch of individual notes in arpeggios, and although I’d sung and played piano for over a decade, I gave up. Jason and Pilssok are sooo cute!!! And for DH and it’s adorableness. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel.

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I’m always on the edge of my seat after each episode! I’ve never met anyone who’s had it. She offers to take him to the library, and he has no choice but higu go along.

P Ok, i’m just a sucker for the milk couple. Deam don’t think a Chinese person speaks other languages “horrifically” because of the tone. A verification email has been sent to eramacrazy new email address. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The angst has been going on 13 episodes already, geesh! I truly hope deep inside my heart that HyeMi and SamDong with have their happy ending, though seems that I have been constantly reminded that SamDong might be the lead, but whether he is the main lead who will get the girl, that’s another story in different level.


For instance, a Korean child almost never hears “f”, and hence never learns to make the sound, so when they hear “f”, their brain maps it to the Korean consonant that’s most similar to it; P. Plus I can’t wait until the couples are finally hooked up.

HM is definitely falling for SD she just doesn’t know it yet If not then well he has to be K then hehe. I’m really at an awe with how the Show stitched everything together: That must be a very ssub language to learn, and one where it would be EASY to offend just about everyone with tone errors!

There’s something uber cute about this drama that makes me cheer them on. I felt so bad for BH in this and just loved how HM was able to support her. I have been waiting all day for this! Hye-mi and Jason perform well, with just a few flat notes each. In the four years I went episoode that school, Rdamacrazy met one kid with perfect pitch.